Customers, employees, and suppliers can tell a well-run organization without a narrated tour. The visual clues are everywhere. Establishing simple visual controls is one of the most important elements of becoming a Lean and Green Enterprise. Workplace Organization reduces the opportunities to make errors and help highlight, at an early stage, potential delays and disruptions and drives an organization to become green at the grass root level. Workplace Organization is much more than ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Workplace Organization comprises of seven principles to make people highly efficient, effective and greener in performing their doing work. This one-day session will provide the participants with the principles of Workplace Organization.

The training is designed to:

Provide participants with an overview ofWorkplace Organization, how it can benefit organization’s performance, an explanation of each category, how to get started, things to avoid, and tips for leadership.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the elements of Workplace Organization
  • Begin to implement the 30-second rule
  • Understand the importance of Workplace Organization
  • Organize for a Workplace Organization event
  • Conduct a red tag event
  • EstablishWorkplace Organization standards
  • Implement a Workplace Organization work area audit system

Course Outline/Components

A. Introduction to Workplace Organization
    a.  Sort
    b.  Set in Order (Straighten)
    c.  Shine (Clean)
    d.  Safety
    e.  Standardize
    f.  Sustain


Recommend Lean Principles